Values and achievement

Regarding Inclusion.

Do you know that Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on April 2?

As part of the response to diversity in living conditions around the world, last March 30th our students could participate in different awareness activities about autism.

How does an autistic person appreciate the world?

“My brain understands the information in a different way than yours. It focuses on details that most people don’t pay attention to. It evaluates the world in a different and more creative way”.

Having this information helps us understand the need to contribute to make these people’s quality of lives better in order to foster a fulfilling and satisfying life. 

Let’s celebrate diversity!











Why do we celebrate Children’s Day?

According to UNICEF, Children’s Day reminds the rest of the world that girls and boys are the most vulnerable sector of society.

Children’s day promotes international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improves children’s welfare with social and cultural activities to talk about the needs to have a better present and a wonderful future for the youngest.  

Students Model of Values.


Once I have made a decision, even though there are difficulties or the motivation decreases, I will do everything that is necessary to approach the objective.   

We are proud of our community because we live this value.

Our second, third and fourth graders achieved a National Award for having great results at the Annual Reading Eggs Platform Contest.

We have won this Award for four years.

We want to congratulate Jimena Servín for achieving third place in this contest!

Psy.D. Laura Cecilia Herrera González

Elementary School Principal